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T Scam X E1 X Nito NB X Workrate x Skorebeezy - Plugged In W/Fumez The Engineer | Pressplay (Lyrics)

[Intro: T.Scam]
"How is C Dot funded and where do your get your money from?" The simple answer—
Grr, gang shit
Suwoo, Plugged In with Fumez

Plugged In W/Fumez The Engineer | Pressplay (Lyrics) - T Scam X E1 X Nito NB X Workrate x Skorebeezy

[Intro: T.Scam]
"How is C Dot funded and where do your get your money from?" The simple answer—
Grr, gang shit
Suwoo, Plugged In with Fumez

[Verse 1: T.Scam]
I don't really like Adeolas
I like fit yardies, so I got one
Way back when we did it on peddles
Got one, got one, got one
****, he ain't won, are you dumb?
Better stay alert when they alerts on the alert
He'll skid then tie some, pop some

Cali, Stardawg, skunk, you know we got options
I was in Felts 'cah I try make him Michael Phelps
You know I try make him swim
Two, man pushed the shank right in
And his vital organs gave up on him
And SS's known as a reaper
The way he done Cres' was way too grim
Talkin' talkers, they ain't on a thing
Try talk on my ting, and I let corn fling

[Verse 2: E1]
If I go court, I'll go jail
If you go court, you will get bail
'Cah they know what was our previous (I'm different)

They said I shot one, Bouncers Road
I looked at the CCTV, curious (Is it me?)
Like hold on, wait
There's a mask on his face like how mysterious
If he didn't get stabbed then he stuck on his period
Kicked off my door, now, my mumzy's furious
CID, man, you can't be serious (Augh)
Feds know that I about to go bust that case
For they tryna do man for this eediat (You can't be serious)
I said "They tryna do man for this eediat" (What eediat?)
I heard he got done on the backroads
I'm so sorry for the inconvenience

[Verse 3: Nito NB]

Two niggas on the bike
Four niggas on a whip
Four niggas on a whip
Two with it, with the stick (We're runnin')
Who did it with the .9?
Who got it with the spins?
Who done it in the night? The 1-5 or 6
One ain't aim it, and take that breath
Now, he's layin' on a surgeon's bed
Then they puttin' him together like Potato Head (Haha)
Now, they don't want war 'cah them play, no fence
But still in the City, man sin (We do)
Man out like they been 'round things
But they ain't touched hair on my chiny-chin-chin (Nah)

I could drill or assist with a brilliant ping
Typing diss, but them silly man sing (Why?)
On the drilling man ting
I'ma push it all in
Put the dark in whizz and the light in cling
Get gone and then going invest in things

[Verse 4: Workrate]
Clocked them boy, they grip and shoot
Or spin that coupe and ching that yute
Rose got packed, so I bill that zoot
Then Shak got packed, so I billed that too
All the opp blocks in tomato juice
Some **** top spinnin' the two, L2

Main road, broad day, bro got two
Then they chinged **** and he made it two
Since '017, gang bining yutes
'Til you know no one wealth for the knifings too
Me and S, that's a violent two
That's critical wounds when we ride on you
I could tell you about ****
Could tell you about ****
Could tell you about ****
'Cah I did that too
I done mileage on my ridin' shoes
Tryna boot us all truth when we hop in the booth

[Verse 5: Skore Beezy]

I could talk about playin' the field with opps
I plug my man how I plug in the box
Fuck my man, he got done with the dots
Ay, Fumez, how you let man cap in this box? (Ay, Fumez, man!)
I live in the streets, they live in the blogs
They ain't got no racks, they're wash (Ah)
4-5 max in Glocks
You would never put a thousand grams in shots
Said it on wass, but they ain't like me
You pour out henny, I pour out tea
Untold drillings, the gang don't speak
If ya man got shot, it's unknown like T (Get it?)
I bust man's face in the mosque
Astaghfirullah, but that shit don't sleep

They chat shit, catch bodies on beats
Man throws that catchin' bodies on deeds

[Verse 6: T.Scam]
Who said that the AG's don't ride?
Who said that them man slide?
The unknown bootings went in same
When them man try set us and invite
More time, I do it in cars
But just the other day, I risked it all on a peddle bike
Can't slow down, he nearly drowned
Try make him fly high like a kite

[Verse 7: Nito NB]

Now, wait, strike a pose
They ain't on shit if the truth be told (Nah)
We had London screamin' out Teerose (Haha)
That was on the same day as Teewizz
Sunny and broad day, anything goes
Did they ride for their bro?
Be real, say no (You don't)
Jakes are behind, foot down and go
Gotta hide that pole, got the problem solved (Rah)

[Verse 8: Workrate]
If I rip that shit and I spit that shit
I can say "Wallahi, I did that shit"
Seven bells on the .12 gauge, fill that clip

Come longer than me, that's a big man stick
Took that to the RL, that's a local trip
But we didn't find none, what a ghostly strip
All saw skengs, that's me and our skeng
Yeah, bro got the nina, I got the spin

[Verse 9: E1]
They can't talk on my bro DS (Are you fucking deaf?)
He got chinged on scene
Now, there's four man stuck on the AP bench
I would say five, but I don't count Dreadz (I'll allow him)
Life support, what cap, what a stretch
When we caught MB, we nearly put him to rest
He ran so fast like I'm runnin' from ketch

Ha, ha, he ran out of breath

[Verse 10: Skore Beezy]
Now, hold up, little dino (Joker)
This pump and dump ain't crypto (Ah)
Man talk, but I saw them boy in the can
And wallahi, them boy were involved (Wallahi)
Four fizzy, cinco
Anytime man get around, that's bingo (Rah)
Slap my man with a .44 long
So we call that "Joint Man Dingo"

(Fumez The Engineer)

("How is C Dot funded and where do your get your money from?" The simple answer—)